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Latest Technology of Hair Replacement Systems

Low Cost Hair Transplants


An e-mail is fast, free, and efficient. Consultation with Dr. Nader is free of charge, so why not send him an email and write down any questions you may have for him.



FUE Hair Transplant Cost

In the United States, an average cost for an FUE hair transplant is around 6 to 8 USD per graft. Prices have gone down due to more and more doctors offering this technque.

We have always honored our low prices and try our best to keep offering affordable prices worldwide.

For an estimated price and travel reimbursement application, please email Dr. Nader at


Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

Our follicular unit strip technique is one of the best procedures offered today. With the new trichophytic incision, hair grows even inside the scar tissue from the donor area.

For an estimated price and travel reimbursement application, please email Dr. Nader at


Eyelash Transplant Cost

For an eyelash transplant, each case is individualized, as some patients just want to increase the number of eyelashes, and other patients need a complete eyelash transplant design.

We can say though, that our prices have remained affordable for most if not all of our patients.

If you would like to know an estimated cost of this procedure, please send us an email with the following information from this web page


Travel reimbursement

For those traveling from a distance, Dr. Nader also offers a travel reimbursement program to help defray the cost of travel and hotel. We have internationally known hotels in our city and in the United States.

For an approximate procedure cost, please contact Dr. Nader via email. We will be able to give you a more personalized attention and treatment options that fit your needs.

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