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Our offices are located 10 minutes from McAllen , Texas , just crossing the international border to Reynosa , Tamaulipas , Mexico .

If you are a scheduled patient, there is no need for directions as we will have arranged special transportation to pick you up at the McAllen International Airport or Reynosa International Airport , complimentary of course. Our staff will ensure that you receive a VIP treatment and assist you in your accommodation needs.

Our physical address is:

Boulevard Álvaro Obregón #1960-13. Colonia Cavazos CP 88620. Cd. Reynosa, Tamaulipas. México


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Unlike many of the commercial hair transplant clinics that advertise aggressively in the media, Dr. Nader does very little advertising. Instead he receives the majority of his patients as referrals from his many happy patients and from the many cosmetic surgeons who know the quality of his work. The large amount of patient referrals that Dr. Nader receives allows him to keep his fees very low.

Dr Nader giving a lecture at the European Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. Brussels, Belgium 2005

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Hair plays a significant role in our life. I believe that it is the first thing we notice upon meeting new people. And yet, hair is one of the first and last things we attend to before a meeting or a social engagement.

Dr.Luis Abraham Nader began to lose his hair at age 18. Ever since, his frustration has led him to try all the known remedies possible, from soaps and shampoos, lotions, creams, herbs, electrical appliances, intensive massages, practically everything in the market, with virtually little to no effect. Being in the hair restoration field, he has also had a hair transplant and can appreciate how a prospective patient feels in loosing his or her hair. This experience inspired him to become a great hair transplant surgeon. Since then, he has studied every possible approach to hair restoration, has modified and improved many of the techniques currently used, and keeps his research totally focused on hair multiplication, hair cloning, and a possible cure for baldness.

Because of his dedicated work, Dr Nader is a frequently invited guest speaker at conferences worldwide.


He is a distinguished member in good standing of several medical societies, including:

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS, USA)

The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD, Belgium)

Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society (TCSS, USA)

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS, USA)

European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS, Paris, France)

Member of the Trichological Society (London, UK)

The Royal Society of Medicine, (London , UK)

On a more personal level

As a child, Dr.Luis Abraham Nader lived most of his life in a city in Mexico which is close to the border with the United States .

His passion has always been to become a great physician, scientist, and artist, and to provide the best treatment for hair loss for today and keep developing new treatments for the near future.

His dedication to his patients and his research takes up most of his time, but when he has a chance, he likes to spend time with friends, or enjoy some of his hobbies; these are radio controlled helicopter flying, scuba diving (NAUI), paragliding, and keyboard playing, among others.

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