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After trying everything from shampoos, lotions, special creams, even electrical devices and hair pieces with poor results, a hair transplant is probably one of your best options.


Latest Technology of Hair Replacement Systems




Unlike many of the commercial hair transplant clinics that advertise aggressively in the media, Dr. Nader does very little advertising. Instead he receives the majority of his patients as referrals from his many happy patients and from the many cosmetic surgeons who know the quality of his work. The large amount of patient referrals that Dr. Nader receives allows him to keep his fees very low, at $2 to $3 a graft.

Dr. Nader performs all consultations and personally answers all email inquiries. He performs only one large surgery per day, in order to provide custom results based on the patient's age, hair loss pattern, and expectations.

If you like to send an email, please do so at, where Dr. Nader is the only authorized person to access this email.

If you would like to send some photos, please do so. We would like to recommend sending a frontal, top, both sides and back of your head photos if that is your area you would like Dr. Nader to examine. We also recommend not combing existing hair over the area as we would like to see as much of the area as possible. Remember email and photos will be considered as confidential files and you do not need to worry about personal disclosure.


For office and administrative information, please contact our office manager at


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